Outdoor signage increases traffic, product and sales awareness and can lead to big results. Whether you are a new company or a longstanding organization, your outdoor sign is a communication tool that should be an essential to your continued growth. Whether your company (business) is large or small, having good outdoor signage is a cost effective way to give a fresh, new and updated image that could potentially increase your customer base and visibility.
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Amanina offers outdoor solutions in strategic key areas across Jordan. All our signs are maintained throughout the year to insure cleanliness, quality of production and lighting. You can hire your location by month, quarterly or for a full year. Our University media solutions include; bench branding, Lampposts and other unconventional media. We cover media solutions in Al AHLIYA Private University, PETRA Private University and ZARQAA’ Private University
Amanina Sports Media solutions offers the ultimate branding opportunity for sporty brands throughout the year

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