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Movie Premier

On Screen Ads


Special screenings and Sponsored premiere 2 or 3  days prior than the opening date of the movie


The offer includes:

400 Cinema Invitation

400 Salted Popcorn

400 PEPSI drink

On Screen ads enables you to show your brand TV commercial before the movie start. This is one of the most effective media tools since you are targeting a captive audience. This tool can help you position the brand and create positive PR around it.

Cinema branding opportuinuties include:

Follow the movie Ad

- Banner Display

- Posters Display

- Dangler

- Floor stickers

- Popcorn packaging

- Beverage container branding

Cinema advertising is a very effective way of broadcasting your message to a unique target audience. Through the use of sound, vision and motion, the advert will gain 100% of the viewers’ attention as this is the only form of motion in the advertising environment.  which leads to broadcasting to the right people and delivering your message in a superlative way. Cinema advertising is cost effective with low production and average spot cost. Adverts can benefit from frequent cinema customers


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